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A Guide to Saving Money on Landlord Insurance

By: WiseSaver Insurance Views: 9248 | Comments: 1 | Votes: 1


Being a landlord may sound easy, but as anyone knows who has actually done it, the headaches can be very substantial. You have to deal with any and all problems in your home and any complaints your tenants may have, and this can create a lot of extra stress not to mention bills. That’s where landlord insurance can come in, to help you protect some of your interests. More

IRS offers guidance on new $6,500 tax credit for repeat home buyers

By: Kenneth R. Harney Real Estate Views: 9190 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 1

Kenneth R. Harney

If you've been holding back on getting involved with the new $6,500 federal tax credit for repeat home purchases, there's no more excuse for inaction. You now have all the official IRS guidance you'll need to buy a house, qualify for the credit and pocket the $6,500. 6. On Jan. The credit is for up to 10 percent of the price of the replacement home, capped at $6,500. Get moving. More

Conduct Your Own Energy Audit And Save

By: Delta Grant Personal Finance Views: 9036 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Delta Grant

An energy audit is an overview of the current energy use of a building, home or business with the intention to remove any inefficiency without impacting upon comfort or productivity. This serves two functions. At this point preliminary energy conservation measures and energy conservation opportunities can be drawn up. More

Bad Habits Steal Wealth!

By: Deleted Profile Personal Finance Views: 8977 | Comments: 1 | Votes: 0

Deleted Profile

Bad Habits Steal Wealth!By Sharman G.   Habits sneak up on you suddenly.  They start out usually small, fun, and infrequent.  However, after a while, it’s all you think about and it consumes you.  Then it has control of your money, life, and future!   Sharman G. More

Settling Your IRS Tax Debt: Knowing the Basics of an Offer in Compromise

By: Richard Close Tax Planning Views: 8890 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Richard Close

Before you assume this is the answer to your tax debt, you should be armed with the knowledge of reality vs. myth.  You have to prove to the IRS that you will never be able to pay back the entire tax debt, or prove that paying off your debt would create “undue hardship”.  When you deal with the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent. More

The Things Real Estate Agents Do To Their Own Homes Before Selling

By: Bruce Swedal Real Estate Views: 8331 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Bruce Swedal

Real Estate Agents know how to sell their own homes and get top dollar. Selling homes is what they do. They package, market and sell homes for a living and they know what home buyers want. Here is a list of exactly what real estate agents do when preparing their own home for sale.The ExteriorReal estate agents understand how important 'Curb Appeal' is. Shouldn't it be a good one? More

Do you have any independent contractors working for you?

By: File Your Taxes Online Tax Planning Views: 8192 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

File Your Taxes Online

Do you have any independent contractors working for you?   If so, please note that the IRS is increasing its focus on worker classification. The consequences of misclassifying workers are significant to the worker, the employer, and governmental agencies. The IRS will perform an examination of 2,000 random companies per year over the next three years. More

The Many Different Types of Home Insurance Explained

By: Delta Grant Insurance Views: 8072 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 1

Delta Grant

Home insurance is something that every single homeowner should certainly not neglect to invest in. Other names for home insurance are hazard or homeowner’s insurance, and these policies can cover a whole range of different topics from the cost of the actual house to the items within to many other things. However specific things are left out including flood and earthquake damage. More

Can Predictive Data Mining affect your credit score?

By: WiseSaver Credit Repair Views: 7841 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0


You’re not paranoid. They really are out to get … your data. Where you shop, what you buy, the websites you look at, even your Twitter feed — it’s all of interest to a wide range of companies. Now, those companies are taking the next logical step and trying to predict potential credit risk based on lifestyle choices, he said. How can what you buy hurt your credit? More

Tax benefits of owning a home

By: Bogie Boric Tax Planning Views: 7521 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Bogie Boric

Deducting mortgage interestIn most cases, you can fully deduct your mortgage interest secured by your primary or secondary home. Beginning in 1987, mortgage interest to buy, build, or improve your home (acquisition debt) up to $1,000,000 or home equity loans up to $100,000 became tax deductible. You can only claim this exemption once every two years. More