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State Farm Cancels Insurance Policy of Investigative Reporter

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Lee van der Voo tells Romenesko readers: I was just informed by State Farm here in Oregon, where I’m an independent investigative journalist that they are dumping my office rental policy because of the kind of journalism I do. I own a house and insure it through State Farm, along with the three cars I’ve owned over the last 12 years. More

How To Overcome Debt

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I was reading a startling article a few days ago that for the first time since 1933, the U.S. savings rate hit the lowest level. This is scary!We spend more money than we make, and we are accumulating debt at an alarming pace. But we have to understand that we will not be truly free until we are debt-free. I think the main problem is a lack of financial education. More

Budgeting is Bothersome

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It doesn't take much for you to get behind on monthly bills, but it sure takes some time to catch up. The comparison in my mind is to weight gain. A one-week vacation can easily pack on 5 to 7 pounds. Losing that weight however, can take a good month of cardio. Let's get real here. Debt is an overpowering epidemic in America. It's growing every year. Start with any program you like. More

Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance, PMI

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Relative to the growth in home prices over the last few decades, Americans are earning less and therefore they are saving less. PMI is a financial guaranty that protects the lender against any loss in the event the borrower should default as well as allowing the borrower to make a lower down payment. Such mortgages are increasingly in demand in today's home market. More

The 1031 Exchange Explained

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Why is the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange important to a Real Estate Property Investor?An investor in real estate understands how important it is to preserve wealth and assets. In the frequently changing world of taxation, the investor is fortunate to have IRC Section 1031. This tax code allows the investor to exchange from one investment property to another and defer taxes on the gain. More

Mechanics' Liens

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Mechanics' Liens is a complex one, as evidenced by the fact that over 200 sections of the California Civil Code deal with the subject. A Mechanics' Lien may be made by a person providing work, materials or services to improvereal property. An action to foreclose the lien is filed with the proper court within that 90 day period after recordation of the lien.2. 3143 Cal. More

10 Often Overlooked Deductions

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1. Home acquisition mortgage loan fees: If you bought your primary or secondary home in 2003, you probably obtained a mortgage to finance the purchase. That mortgage is called an “acquisition mortgage” because it enabled a purchase of the residence. Each point paid equals 1 percent of the amount borrowed.2. 8. 10. Deduct prepaid property taxes and mortgage interest. More


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New figures reveal that RALs drained about $960 million in loan fees, plus over $100 million in other fees, from the wallets of nearly 9.6 million American taxpayers in 2005.“Taxpayers can save themselves over a billion dollars by just saying ‘no’ to quick tax refund loans,” says NCLC staff attorney Chi Chi Wu. For that year alone, about 1 in 13 tax returns involved a RAL. More

Research Is The Key To Best Personal Auto Finance Deal

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Auto financing has emerged as a growing sector in the loan industry. The basic reason is that an automobile is considered as a necessity whether it’s for personal purpose or business purpose.Due to inflation and growing prices of an automobile, it is quite obvious that the person needs financial assistance in order to purchase an automobile. More

How to Get All the Money You Want

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In this world we live in money has been given a significant meaning in our lives. Most people lives revolve around having money. Unfortunately those people are living according to their beliefs that there isn't enough, and with the resultant lack of money. Now hear this: There is always enough to meet your needs! Let us look at two resources we have. The next example is electricity. More