How to Get All the Money You Want

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In this world we live in money has been given a significant meaning in our lives. Most people lives revolve around having money. Unfortunately those people are living according to their beliefs that there isn't enough, and with the resultant lack of money.

Now hear this: There is always enough to meet your needs!

Let us look at two resources we have. First is air, you know; the stuff we breath. A while ago a scientific study stated that there is now living on the planet earth, more people than all the people who have lived before us combined. That means that if you add up every single human who has lived and died on this planet; that right now there are more people currently living than all those who have gone before us combined. Yet we have not breathed up all our air. There is plenty of air, enough for us all, and that we all have as much as we require to maintain our life. There is no air shortage; no rationing, no air abundant people and no air poor people, we all have what we must have because we demand air to sustain us.

The next example is electricity. When we turn on an appliance whether it is a light bulb or an air conditioner it draws how much electricity as it requires to perform its' function. Some may use more electricity than others but they are doing the function they were designed to do. None of them can use excess electricity, and if it does not have enough electricity it will not function.

This set of examples is trying to impress upon you this truth; that money is simply the physical symbol of your creative energy. You will get as much as is required to sustain you so that you can fulfill your function.

You will be able to control this by your will. If you so desire you can and should have the life of your dreams. It is your right and your duty to become successful; you must do so to fulfill your purpose.

You should constantly strive to generate positive creative energy in your life and in doing so you will naturally increase the amount of abundance in your life. However, if you focus on your lack and worry about not having enough then that is what you will get.

The key; is to not seek money in its physical form, but to seek the feelings of abundance and prosperity and to feel these intensely in your life. The idea here is to live your life with exuberance and gratitude. If you establish these emotions first, you will naturally, and effortlessly, generate all of the money that you will ever need.

You need to convince your mind of your understanding of the symbolic nature of money; to do this: put some money away somewhere, and consciously decide that you will not spend this money on anything that you consider a necessity. It does not matter how much money it is; but you must decide that from now on you will have enough money to meet the basic needs of your life.

By convincing yourself that you can just have money for pleasure; this money will become a magnet for more money. The simple fact of just knowing that you always have a sum put away; will help draw cash to you.

By having this money set aside purely for pleasure will teach your mind that not every dime you make has to be eaten up by life. Thus, by convincing your mind that you have more than enough, you will have more than enough!

No get to it: Set aside as big a bill that you can. Seal it in an envelope and mark it "pleasure money," and set it aside where you can see it and be reminded that you have "fun" money. Soon you will discover that there is always enough money in your life.

Be Blessed

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