Millionaire in the Making

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 love the CNN Money section's series "Millionaires in the Making". Basically, every month or so they profile either a person or a couple who have made some pretty smart financial decisions over the years, and set themselves on the path to eventually hit that millionaire status.

Anyway, the most recent "Millionaire in the Making" is a woman named Jeanette Courts, a 38 year-old IT specialist with the Pentagon. She's got all kinds of savings and brokerage accounts, however, what interested me most about her was her lifestyle. Jeanette's friends call her "commitment to finances" bordering on "obsession". And, while I don't necessarily recommend going to crazy extremes in ANYthing in life, her focus on making small, deliberate choices is what seems to have really made a difference.

Jeanette buys in bulk when items go on sale. She brings her lunch (I am a huge fan of bag lunches. They're healthier, generally, because you make them yourself, and they cost drastically less than hitting up Subway every day). She buys her clothes on sale in the off-season, rides the bus, keeps an eye out for free activites around her city, and utilizes her FSA (Flexible Spending Account) for qualified medical expenses.

In my opinion, it's decisions like these that separate future millionaires from wannabes. Just like losing weight, a little bit of effort here and there makes a huge difference in the amount you can stash away in the long run!

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