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Disabled Veterans Charities Funds Over $14M to Veteran Programs

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1888 Press Release - Disabled Veterans Charities has awarded $14,054,621 to support at-risk veterans and their families in Southern California.REDLANDS, Calif. Through grants to deserving area programs, DVC helps at-risk veterans and their dependents access the services, resources and support they need to face the challenges of homelessness and improve their lives. More

Five FAQs Regarding Financial Elder Abuse

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Ingrid Evans

What is Financial Elder Abuse? In California, financial elder abuse is broadly defined as taking of a senior’s property for a “wrongful use or with intent to defraud.” Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code § 15610.30(a)(1). This statute also extends to anyone who is assisting another person with taking or appropriating wealth and assets from an elderly person. Cal. Welf. Welf. More

Maximize Corporate Tax Deductions with Charitable Donations

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REDLANDS, Calif. - As corporations prepare for this year’s tax filings, there’s no better time to make strategic plans about how to maximize corporate deducations for 2020. “We are grateful for the continued support of corporations that donate to Disabled Veterans Charities year after year and hope more corporations throughout the U.S. More

Understanding The Foreign Earned Income Tax Exclusion While Living Abroad

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Kevin E. Thorn

Living and working abroad may be appealing to many people and even has advantages from a tax standpoint. In fact, familarizing yourself with the foreign earned income tax exclusion (FEIE) can be helpful when living in another country. FEIE BasicsIn general, US citizens are subject to federal income tax on their worldwide income. More


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Tory Jay

In today’s day and age, the world is witnessing a lot of financial innovations. As our needs increase, finance entities find different ways to keep at par with the demand. One such credit option that most people opt for are mortgage brokers. Essentially, any person or link that arranges a mortgage deal between a lender and a borrower can be described as a mortgage broker. More

Three Ways to Improve Bad Credit in Canada

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Robert Johnson

A bad credit score can affect your life in more ways than one. Interest rates on credit cards and loans are higher, security deposits on utilities are costly, even insurance premiums can go up. Plus, you could be denied employment opportunities, especially if the job is in the financial sector. Pay credit card balances on time and do not miss car payments. More

Useful Investing Tips to Help Grow Your Money

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Investments will definitely help you build wealth, offer the required financial stability, cover the expenses after retirement, save on taxes, and more. However, investments do not always mean depositing some cash every month in your savings account. Savings accounts won’t be of much help because they offer less interest rate and don’t provide any tax benefits. More

Bad Credit Score Explained

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Cash In A Snap

Bad Credit Score ExplainedBad credit is something nobody wants yet many people face if they don't manage their money properly. Each lender determines its own good or bad scores, due to taking the risk. A good credit score of 680-699 is in the same ballpark as the average American score of 682. More

How to get the 6 month loans wihout credit check..

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Gotten in a sudden money crunch? Considering approaches to deal with the quick moving toward installment due date? Our framework coordinates your credit enrollment with a few loan specialists rapidly to guarantee that your application is handled as quickly as time permits. It can be very confusing knowing which product to use. So that’s what we did. More