Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Colorado

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Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Colorado

Statewide property prices have increased 18.5% year-over-year. Figures like these mean that if you’re considering selling your home, now would be the best time to do it. You could also retain 100% of the profit from the sale by using a flat fee MLS listing Colorado sellers are able to access.

These flat fee MLS listing services ensure your home is seen by buyer agents, expediting the traditional FSBO sale and making it more lucrative than ever before.

Should You Consider an FSBO Sale in Colorado?

Many sellers are wary of FSBO sales since they’re often associated with lower market value and more days on the market. However, that’s not the case anymore.

Not only does the lack of inventory in Colorado mean that now is the ideal time to consider an FSBO sale, the number of superior flat fee MLS Colorado sellers have access to has increased, ensuring that if you sell now the sale will be easier and more profitable. It’s just a matter of finding the right flat fee MLS listing service.

3 Of The Best Flat Fee MLS Colorado Sellers Can Use

The speed of your sale, its complexity, and the final sale price of your home will depend on the flat fee MLS you select. Although Colorado sellers have access to dozens of flat fee or discount brokers, not all of them offer the same features or value. For that reason, you should pay specific attention to the features on offer and in addition to the pricing.


Houzeo has transformed the FSBO sale. On Houzeo’s intuitive dashboard you can list, upload applicable documentation, and negotiate with buyers. Furthermore, the service is cost-effective and adaptable –– giving you complete control of the process.

For $399 + 0.5% at closing, you get the maximum amount of pictures permitted by the MLS, a 6-month listing, and federal and state disclosures. 

Houzeo also allows you to select a buyer agent commission that suits your needs and budget. Whereas many other flat fee MLS options only allow you to choose between 2% and 3% buyer commission.

Home Savings Realty

Although Home Savings Realty isn’t a flat fee MLS, they are a noteworthy discount broker serving the Colorado area. Using their services, you only pay 4% –– or 4.5% for homes under $350,000 –– which gives you all the features of a traditional listing agent without the 6% in commission.

Some of the stand-out features offered by Home Savings Realty include professional photography, managed showings, and negotiation, in addition to closing services.

Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group has industry-comparable pricing and features. For $399 + 0.5% at closing, your home is syndicated to all major Colorado MLSs and you receive a free seller’s website. They also manage negotiation, review contracts, and offer advice.

Before you decide to go with any of the above-mentioned options, be sure you’re choosing a flat fee MLS listing Colorado sellers have had some success with.  Features are great, but a stellar reputation and proven success rate are better. 

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