We Have a Love Affair With Southeastern Wisconsin

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   There are lots of times when I am talking with someone concerning relocation to Milwaukee and I can see thru "phono-vision"  ESP or whatever you want to call my psychic energy that they are imagining cow pastures and silos and not quite sure that this is really where they want to the self-proclaimed real estate ambassadors for southeastern Wisconsin, we are here to tell you your vision needs adjustment.  We are happy to give you a tour and if you find you too have fallen in love, we will find just the right home for you. You can shop them now, many with interior photographs...just click here and go to our new listing alerts and we'll send you all the homes that match your criteria.

            There's always something to do....places to, exhibits, museums, summer strolls thru the Farmers' Market

  Some people say the reason they live and stay here is the change of the seasons...each one with it's own magic from Mother personal favorite is the fall....when a walk or drive through one of our many county parks treats you to a blaze of color....challenging your camera, your memory... to capture all the colors at just a glance.

    The winter brings out the best in Jack Frost's artistic abilities on windows....and blankets woven of teeny, tiny snowflakes covering the landscape and coming together to bend the strongest pines.  Children build snow people, forts and castles...laying on lawns with arms outstretched and moving up and down to make "Snow Angel" imprints.  Sleds, toboggans and the ever-popular saucers fly down hills and skates etch patterns into the frozen ponds.  We celebrate it with  snow and ice sculptures or you may wish to spend some inside at one of Milwaukee tourist attractions.  Milwaukee has long been known affectionately as Brew City..Miller Brewing being the largest and most well known...and we also have an assortment of smaller brewery...take a peak and take a tour.

  Southeastern Wisconsin in the summer....oh yeah....I can smell the bratwurst sizzling on the BBQ and the landscaped yards with flowers of every hue...the annuals that show off their jewel tones and the oerennial blooms and bushes in every pastel shade...pinks, blues and purples. Hmmmm...and what to about wjat to do FIRST !  Milwaukee is the city of festivals all summer long.  Stay tuned to this blog and this link...this is last year's outstanding offering of Summerfest...the lakefront music and food fest we have every summer.

     Summerfest is billed as World's largest outdoor music festival...something for everyone..and that's just one festival....every weekend, all summer long you will find an ethnic summer celebration complete with food, fun, displays, music, fireworks....Every season has something to celebrate...let us be your tourguides AND too will have a love affair you will cherish for a lifetime !



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