Looking for A Quality Home For Less? Go Manufactured!

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The manufactured home building process is quite unique, from the start of the home within a factory until it’s delivered at its new location – your land! Manufactured homes are built within a temperature controlled environment, which gives homebuyers both the security of knowing that the weather conditions will not slow down the building of their home and the protection of the home throughout the building process.

The protection of the home during the building process is one of the main reasons that manufactured homes have such a better quality than what you might run into when dealing with a traditional home. Because manufactured homes are produced in a factory, protected from the elements, there is almost a 100% chance that your house will not be built with materials that are wet or moist – and moisture is a homeowner’s worst enemy.

This is very important because, if your house was built with wet materials, it could compromise the structural integrity of your home – leading to costly repairs and a lower resale value.

Manufactured Homes – The Benefits

One of the great reasons to get a manufactured home instead of a traditional home is that the design of your manufactured home is very flexible. When you are picking out the options that can be added to your manufactured home, there are hundreds of different options that you can use, allowing you to be a part of the design, appearance, and functionality of your future home. You can often add features such as fireplaces and sliding glass doors, or you can include an entire set of appliances which will be shipped with the home.

It is as simple as finding which added design features you would like, figuring out the price, and ordering your manufactured home. In contrast, additions and custom designs for traditional homes can often be more costly if they are not a part of the original blueprint. All modifications to the blueprint often need an architect’s design, new floor plans, and new permits, based on the size and/or type of the modification.

Yet another amazing benefit is that the time it takes to construct a manufactured home is actually only one third of the time that it takes for developers to build a traditional home. If you want a great price, but are also looking to move into your new home as soon as you can, then manufactured homes are definitely the way to go, as they are meet both of these needs.

Lastly, today’s manufactured homes are manufactured to extremely high standards. There are nationwide restrictions and regulations in force for the manufactured home industry, in addition to region-specific and state-specific regulations. This is different compared to traditional, site-built homes, which usually only have to follow local regulations – and thus, may not be built to superior standards.

Overall, buying a manufactured home is often more affordable and can be completed in a much shorter time period while still meeting strict regulations and specifications. Take a tour at your local manufactured home company to see if this is the right choice for you.
Sacramento modular home builders writer Bo Von Brockdorff writes articles about California manufactured homes. He also writes articles about Sacramento manufactured home and El Dorado County manufactured home which are available on the web.


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