6 Critical Benefits of Preparing Your Own Personal Budget

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The role of a personal budget is to help you manage your finances and eventually become debt free. This is the dream of us all, isn't it? Most people shy away from doing the budget thing, but it is the best, most trusted and proven method for getting your finances in order. You can have your own budget completed within a couple of hours. What's holding you back?

The task of preparing your own budget is a liberating experience. You can finally see the true state of your personal finances. The benefits listed below may help encourage you in making your decision to start today. Ready to begin? Let's go.

Benefit #1. The budget focuses your thinking.
Without a budget you are not able to clearly see the extent of your spending compared to your income. This is the most important role of your budget. It will show you whether you are living within your means or whether you are living on borrowed funds. It is also the tool that can show you where all your money is being spent. This allows you to answer important questions, such as "Am I wasting money on things I don't really need?", "Is my credit card debt to blame for my predicament?" and "How much better off would I be if I could manage to be debt free?".

Benefit #2. Helps you save money and set goals.
Once you have correctly prepared your budget, it will show you how much you need to save from your income to meet your expenses and set aside some funds for emergencies. It allows you to set goals, both for the amount and the timing. For example, you may set a goal of paying $3,000 (the amount) off your credit cards, within 1 year (the timing). Once you make a commitment to yourself to make this work the budget becomes a tool that will help you stay on track.

Benefit #3. Keeps your goals in your mind.
It is easy to slip back into your old spending ways if you do not commit to making the budget work. The budget will help you keep the goals you set in your mind when you are tempted to give in. When you are out, it can help you say no to frivolous expenditure, say no to that daily coffee-shop coffee, think twice before you hand over your hard-earned money on things you don't really need and wait until that item you really want goes on sale.

Benefit #4. Helps you live within your means.
Every time you make a spending decision, it has a positive or negative impact on your financial position. The budget can show you clearly how your spending habits affect your finances in advance. Your budget can help you understand that if you spend money on this item you can't use the same money to spend on something else. You only have a finite income. If you spend more than you earn you are living on borrowed money and the cost of that money is interest. The interest on borrowed funds is most probably the cause of your financial worries.

Benefit #5. Puts you in control of your finances.
If you've prepared your budget correctly, you will see how much you have available to spend, after taking into account your debt repayments and savings requirements for your future needs. This information can take away the guilt you may have felt when purchasing some item(s) you knew you couldn't really afford. With a budget you know what you can afford and what is beyond your means. When you know you can afford an item you really want, the purchasing experience will be much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Benefit #6. - Tracks your progress toward your goals.
Once you prepare you budget it should not put into a drawer and forgotten. It should be a live document that you refer to weekly, or at least monthly. This is your guide to financial freedom. You need to check your progress towards your goals, thus giving you the incentive to keep going and achieve your financial objectives. If you make the effort and follow your plan, you'll be surprised how easy it really is to reach financial freedom.

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