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  • Highly-skilled, multilingual workforce at Europe's most competitive wages;
  • Stable and predictable business and political environment;
  • EU membership;
  • Free trade with the EU preferential trade partners, including EFTA, Turkey, Mediterranean countries[1], Western Balkan countries[2], South Africa, Mexico, Chili, etc.;
  • 10% corporate income tax rate;
  • 10% personal income tax;
  • VAT exemption on equipment imports for investment projects over EUR 5 million;
  • Annual depreciation rate of 30% for machinery & equipment, 50% for new equipment used in new investments and 50% for software and hardware;
  • Treaties for avoidance of double taxation with 61 countries;
  • Agreements on mutual protection and promotion of foreign investment with 60 countries;
  • Acquisition of land and property through a Bulgarian registered company with up to 100% foreign ownership;
  • Fast administrative services through InvestBulgaria Agency;
  • Natural and cultural landmarks, tasty food and hospitality.

    [1] Euro-Mediterranean association agreements with Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

    [2] Trade preferences to products originating from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia until 31 Dec. 2010 in accordance with the stabilization and association process


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