How difficult can tenants be to remove?

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If you are a landlord, then probably at some point you have had difficult tenants. Perhaps they chose not to pay their rent; maybe they are ones that party all night disturbing your other tenants as well as the neighborhood. On the other hand, maybe they are the kind of tenant who is destructive and damages the property. In this situation and many others, a landlord may opt for eviction as a resolution. The best way to resolve this is to pre-empt it with Tenant Checks, but more often than you would think these are ignored.

In many situations, a landlord must go through certain channels before they can evict a tenant. This can make the process rather long and tedious. It can also be expensive if the tenant is behind in rent and the landlord suffers from this. When a tenant is behind in their rent, landlords must send out notification demanding rent payment with a letter. This documentation is necessary before eviction can occur.

Once attempts to retrieve rent have failed, the proper notice must be served. In situations where rents are in arrears, a section 8 notice can be used. The tenants must be at minimum of two months behind. The section 8 notice provides a notification period of at least two weeks.
The whole process of evicting tenants is not easy. It is a complex process that landlords can easily make an error with. Many landlords will seek the services of a solicitor; this can be rather costly. However, if a landlord has a landlord insurance policy, the fees will be covered.


Additionally, landlord insurance will reimburse the landlord for any unpaid rent, which can be quite beneficial to the landlord. After all, the whole eviction process is rather lengthy. It could be a while before the landlord starts receiving rent again for the property. Having landlord insurance can continue rent income while the eviction process unfolds.


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