Ohio's Best Health Insurane Options

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The best health insurance in Ohio. What is the best? The lowest cost? The best benefits? The largest health insurer? The quickest to pay claims? Perhaps the answers (that’s right….more than one answer) are a little of everything just mentioned.


There are hundreds of Ohio medical insurance plans available to residents. Most are considered “affordable” and unless they’re a short term plan, you’re going to get great preventive coverage with little or no out of pocket cost. With the help of industry leader, we’ve listed below a few of Ohio’s finest health care options.


Anthem Lumenos HSA is a low-cost plan that is competitive in all areas of the state. The concept is simple. Once the deductible is met, 100% of qualified medical expenses are paid. Now, that’s simple and easy!


Preventive benefits are not subject to any out of pocket costs and Anthem will negotiate on your behalf to cut costs. And of course, the Health Savings Account option is always a great feature to utilize.


Medical Mutual Wellness HSA must be mentioned if we are talking about the Anthem plan. Basically, this plan is similar to the Lumenos plan and of course, it is HSA-eligible. In the Southwestern portion of the state, it’s hard to beat the rates. The Network may not be as big as Anthem or UnitedHealthcare, but you still will have plenty of providers to choose from.


UnitedHealthOne Short-Term plans (there are three different plans) are one of the best medical insurance options in Ohio…if you only need coverage for 1-12 months. If you are looking for permanent coverage, then it would not be a good fit.


This plan is not just cheap…it is VERY cheap. There are very few questions on the application and the approval process usually takes about 24 hours. It’s also a great option if you are going to be covered under a group plan, but need to wait a few months until coverage begins. Pre-existing conditions are excluded but for the price you pay, it’s not a big issue. Humana and Anthem also have attractive short-term rates.


There are many other Ohio health insurance policies that could be considered. In fact, I could probably list another 10-15 policies that most Ohioans would be happy with. But to effectively determine which plan is best for YOU (That is what counts!), an experienced broker located in Ohio should be consulted. The best place to find an accomplished broker (a website is a must!) is simply to search online.


Simply type in the words “Ohio Health Insurance” in your search engine box. Generally, you can skip the sponsored advertisements that may appear near the top of the page. Select the first website that appears and click on the link. You should be richly rewarded with the most up to date content and most importantly, an immediate online quote for you and any family member to be insured.


Finally, when you purchase your medical coverage, review the policy each year to make sure your needs still fit the plan you bought. Although plans don’t necessarily change, your needs might. So take the time to compare what you have to other policy options. It won’t cost you anything and you’ll ensure that you still have the best available Ohio medical insurance plan.


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