Business: SCS - Storage Geelong

Occupation: Storage Manager

Location: Geelong, Australia

Address: 10-12 Rodney Road, North Geelong, North Geelong

ZIP: 3215

Phone: 0406 961 990

Knows About: Saving, Estate Planning, Real Estate

Interested In: Real Estate, Estate Planning, Budgeting

Education: College graduate

Blog: http://supercheapselfstorage.com.au/blog/

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Gender: Male

David Hamilton enjoys boasting to friends, and anyone else who enjoys the sport, that his wife is a better golfer than he is. Bearing in mind the number of years of experience playing golf, even on international courses, he has never scored a hole-in-one but she has. All this friendly competitive spirit has motivated David to take a dive and move into a different industry despite having grown up and dealt with the IT sector since the beginning of his corporate journey. David has begun to execute his moving plan into the self storage industry with Supercheap Self Storage as one of the chain owners at a new facility in Geelong.