Advisor: Richard Close

Business: Tax Defense Network, LLC

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Address: 9000 Southside Blvd. Bldg. 100, 10th Floor

ZIP: 32256

Phone: 1-888-248-9058 x 125

Knows About: IRS Tax Relief

Education: College graduate

School: University of South Carolina

Hobbies: Motorcyle racing and spending time with the kids


Gender: Male

Ex-IRS Revenue Officer tells all! That's right; I used to work for the "other" side in the IRS Atlanta Division. I'm the guy for years who would put padlocks on the front door of businesses or remove people from their homes. I understand what people go through when the IRS is breathing down their neck and putting pressure to pay their taxes. There is little sympathy from the 800-pound gorilla - IRS. Today, I work for a company that fights the IRS and helps solve consumers' tax problems. (Tax Defense Network) I enjoy Tax Defense Network 100% better than my earlier job and with my unique background I'm able to really help people. I feel empowered to tell everyone the truth behind the big machine and ways to win at the IRS tax game

Advisor: IRS Tax Relief
Tax Defense Network, LLC is a tax resolution company that helps individuals & small businesses find affordable solutions to their tax debt problems.