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Can Predictive Data Mining affect your credit score?

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You’re not paranoid. They really are out to get … your data. Where you shop, what you buy, the websites you look at, even your Twitter feed — it’s all of interest to a wide range of companies. Now, those companies are taking the next logical step and trying to predict potential credit risk based on lifestyle choices, he said. How can what you buy hurt your credit? More

$8,000 First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit

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NCR Credit Plus

* The $8,000 tax credit is for first-time home buyers only. For the tax credit program, the IRS defines a first-time home buyer as someone who has not owned a principal residence during the three-year period prior to the purchase. * The tax credit is equal to 10 percent of the home’s purchase price up to a maximum of $8,000. Who Qualifies for the Extended Credit? 2. No. More

How Does Credit Restoration Work?

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NCR Credit Plus

Credit bureaus insist that individuals cannot repair their credit without waiting years for negative items to be removed. Don't believe that. NCR Credit Plus has been doing this for a long time and in that time we have found that through continually refining and redefining our strategies, we have secured methods that provide optimal performance. Cancel Anytime! More

Quest for the perfect credit score

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NCR Credit Plus

A major league pitcher dreams of throwing a perfect game. High schoolers eyeing the Ivy League study furiously in hopes of earning 2400 on the SAT. Why?"Your credit score tells a lot about you," Peplinski said. "A high score means you're responsible and in control of your life. That's proprietary information: "It's a black box," said FICO spokesman Craig Watts.Mystery feeds obsession. More

American Express Hates Their Customers

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Mark Goldman

This is an addenda to my recent rant on American Express "Leave Home Without It" article.  I just got my statement with a "Notice of Changes to Your Account".  If you have an American Express Card, you may be interested in the ways that company gets to unilaterally change their terms and increase your costs and reduce your options as their customer. More

Expert Says Bad Credit Score Doesn't Have to be Permanent

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NCR Credit Plus

These days, small business owner Anonthy Smith is doing well at his New Clothing Store, Heavy's Clothing&Jewerly, but it wasn't always this way."I am a business owner, and there are ups and downs, and I had some downs, " said smith.A bankruptcy in a poor economy pushed his credit score down, making it tough to get a loan. More

American Express Rant - Leave Home Without It

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Mark Goldman

This Saturday I was awakened by a call from American Express.  Although they had not sent me a bill yet, they decided I had to send them money right away.  The pleasant Customer Service Representative explained that American Express had decided my charges for this month were more than they would allow, even though my account was current. More

Before You File for Personal Bankruptcy:

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Peter Suhai

Information About Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Produced in cooperation with the Department of Justice’s U.S. They also must complete a debtor education course to have their debts discharged.The Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee Program approves organizations to provide the mandatory credit counseling and debtor education. By law, the U.S. Check the U.S. Check the U.S. More

Loan Options for the Credit-Score Challenged

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NCR Credit Plus

Here are some loan options for the credit-score challenged:Car loans: Say, for example, a young couple opens a joint bank account and credit card. Then one of them secretly maxes out all the credit cards, empties the bank account, drives the family into bankruptcy and drives away forever in the family car. "Our clients never overpay for a car. More

Importance of a good credit score

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NCR Credit Plus

You may not even know all the different ways that your credit score can affect you over your life. But there’s an invisible industry that collects information about your financial history, and it will keep popping up to surprise you again and again. Here’s a list of the top situations where a bad credit score could really come back to bite you. * Employers. * Getting a car loan. More