Expert Says Bad Credit Score Doesn't Have to be Permanent

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These days, small business owner Anonthy Smith is doing well at his New Clothing Store, Heavy's Clothing&Jewerly, but it wasn't always this way.

"I am a business owner, and there are ups and downs, and I had some downs, " said smith.

A bankruptcy in a poor economy pushed his credit score down, making it tough to get a loan. Smith made a comeback, though, and he just got a car loan to get a new Chevy Tahoe.

He says if he can fix his credit, so can you.

Rebuild Your Credit

Thousands are now seeing credit scores fall due to the forclosures, shortsales, and job losses.

Smith turned to credit repair expert G. June Washington, and saw his credit score rise 100 points in few months.

Washington suggests to first go for a consultation with a reputable credit repair firm that should be free. Washington's company is NCR Credit Plus, and they charge about $600 over several months to get your credit back on track. The next step, he says, is to develop a credit improvement plan.

"You have to make a detailed list of everything," Washington advised, "and an exact plan to pay your bills and keep the numbers correct to maximize your score."

Also, look for incorrect items in your credit report.

"You can fight those items in your report that are dragging it down and are not correct. It can make a real difference," Washington added.

Rebuild your credit by paying your bills on time, use only about one third of your available credit line, and keep accounts open after you pay them down to zero balance are a few other tips.

For a free credit report go to this site, If you have had trouble with foreclosure, paying bills late, a shortsale or need additional advice, go to


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