I have no credit, but I want to build credit

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I have NO credit, but I want to build credit. I am just about to graduate college with two degrees and I need to build credit.


If you have no credit and want to build your credit history, then secured credit card offers can be an ideal option for you. Intended specifically for people with bad or no credit, a secured card will report your credit payments to the major credit bureaus monthly. This will serve your purpose greatly if you make your payments on time and keep well within your spending limit.

Another impressive feature of the secured credit cards is that they don’t check your credit records. This means, that even if you can’t qualify for unsecured credit cards, you may get a guaranteed approval when applying for a secured card offer. You’ll just need to make at least a minimum money collateral deposit ($200-$300) into a bank savings account in order to be approved. Your deposit will be equal to your credit line and will be charged by your lender only if you fail to pay off your debt.  866 4696599


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