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Home Equity Credit Lines

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Using a credit line to borrow against the equity in your home has become a popular source of consumer credit. And lenders are offering these home equity credit lines in a variety of ways. You will find most loans come with variable interest rates, some come with attractive low introductory rates, and a few come with fixed rates. No one loan is right for every homeowner. and abroad. More

Reverse Mortgages, Cashing In On Home Ownership

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Many consumers age 62 or older are "house-rich and cash-poor" — their mortgages are paid off, but they are living on fixed or limited incomes. A "reverse mortgage" may allow some consumers to take advantage of their home as a valuable asset and convert it to a source of income without losing home ownership. To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must own your home. and abroad. More

Debt a Glossary of Terms

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Bankruptcy - Having been legally declared financially insolvent. If the primary debtor does not pay, the cosigner is fully responsible for the loan or debt.Credit Bureau - An organization to which business firms apply for credit information on prospective customers. Credit Report -An account of your credit history, prepared by a credit bureau. More

The Biweekly Mortgage Scam

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One of the popular ways to save money on mortgages is to use what is known as the biweekly mortgage payment plan. With the biweekly mortgage payment plan the borrower makes payments on his mortgage every two weeks, instead of once a month. The biweekly payment is one-half of the monthly payment. There is no doubt that this will save you money. This seems astounding! Doesn't it? More

Do You Want Debt Freedom? These 6 Helpful Hints Will Help

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Is your debt level getting you down? Don't know how to fix it? Welcome to the club, you're in fine company. Many American families are suffering with the same fears and worries as you are. There is a way out, however. It just takes some basic knowledge and commitment. Do you want to be debt free some day? You can be, if you follow some easy steps and put a plan into action. Let's go. More