Do You Want Debt Freedom? These 6 Helpful Hints Will Help

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Is your debt level getting you down? Don't know how to fix it? Welcome to the club, you're in fine company. Many American families are suffering with the same fears and worries as you are. There is a way out, however. It just takes some basic knowledge and commitment. Do you want to be debt free some day? You can be, if you follow some easy steps and put a plan into action. Are you ready? Let's go.

Helpful Hint #1. Acknowledge there is a crisis. Is the crisis one of not enough cash coming in to support the spending? Is the money being spent in ways that do not purchase your real needs? Is the money being spent on fashion or fad items instead of basic necessities? Are you using your credit card to supplement your day-to-day living costs? Do you know your true spending limits? How much do you really owe and to whom? You need to honestly answer these questions and be prepared to take some action.

Helpful Hint #2. Set up your plan and commit to it. Once you recognize there is a crisis, it's time to work out how to deal with it. This is where your plan comes to the rescue. First of all, find your latest credit cards' statements and other debt statements. Total up the outstanding balances. Once this is done make a pact with yourself to reduce this debt to a certain level with in a certain time frame. This will give you the incentive to start thinking of ways to make this happen. There are many free tools available on the 'Net to help you. You're not on your own. Imagine how much extra you will have to spend when you're not paying debt repayments.

Helpful Hint #3. Don't pile on more debt. Only pay cash from now on. Cut up those credit cards. This involves living within your means. "Living within your means" implies that you will only spend from the income generated. No extra funding will be needed from credit cards or bank loans. You can cut down your expenses easily if you just think creatively. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

a) Commit to not paying full price again. Look in the newspapers for specials, wait for sales and be patient.

b) Eat at home a lot more often. Put unused food portions in the freezer for later. Plan you meals at home a week, or a month, in advance. Only buy items at the supermarket that will make the meals on your plan. Don't buy any more lunches at work - bring them from home.

c) Make use of your local library. There are free DVDs, videos, magazines lots of personal improvement material. Use this resource instead of buying these items yourself.

d) Find a new hobby. Get busy with it. You'll have less time then, to spend at the malls. Make your hobby earn you some income.

e) Give up the coffee bought while shopping or at work.

f) Why not sell one car and take the bus or train to work.

Helpful Hint #4. Don't wish you could have what others have. Other folks you look to, may have purchased their things by committing the same financial errors as you have. Be content with your situation and work out ways that you can manage to improve.

Helpful Hint #5. Completely pay off a small debt first. No doubt you have credit card debts, store card debts and maybe a personal loan. You can't kill them all off immediately, you need to concentrate on one at a time. Take the smallest one first. Work out ways to save a little extra each pay day, to pay this debt off fast. This will provide the incentive to keep going and pay off the others.

Helpful Hint #6. Make it a fun process. If this course of action becomes hard work, you may be tempted to give up before your goals are met. Spend some money , occasionally, on yourself and enjoy the experience. You'll feel better about yourself if you spend money that you have put aside for just that purpose. These are just a few hints to help get you started. Self control is a key word if you are going to be successful. You are the only one who can make it happen - no one else. Pray for Divine assistance. Once the debt burden is lifted, you'll be so glad you stuck it out.

Bruce Hokin is an acknowledged expert in Personal Budgets. He is a qualified accountant, and has served in roles such as financial advisor, general manager and consultant. Your personal budget can be found at this web site.


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