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Bulgarian Real Estate Market Not a Bubble

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Velizara Petrova

After the initial bloom of real estate, price growth was expected to slow down to 15-20 per cent year annually, compared to 34 per cent rise last year, which showed a maturing market. UniCredit will continue to support real estate projects, but we are not likely to finance a seaside hotel,” Hampartzoumian said, calling for common sense on the part of all industry participants. More


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Velizara Petrova

[1] Euro-Mediterranean association agreements with Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria[2] Trade preferences to products originating from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia until 31 Dec. More

Buying Property in Bulgaria Remains Hot Prospect

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Velizara Petrova

Buying investment property in Bulgaria is a relatively recent trend. As more tourists, buyers, developers and expatriates make their way to this Eastern European country, the prospects keep growing. One of the development and buying strategies that is gaining a great deal of interest as of late involves the winter sports potential this country has to offer. More

Buying Land in Bulgaria

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Velizara Petrova

Buying Land in Bulgaria Buying land in Bulgaria is definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you can get over the hurdles then it may well be worth its weight in gold in the future. Remarkably, the price of land is still very low in Bulgaria when compared to the rest of Europe. Land prices have even increased by 100 per cent in some areas within the space of a year. More


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Velizara Petrova

Twenty years ago, few Brits would have been able to find Bulgaria on a map, let alone tell you anything about the country. Today, hundreds of Brits own property there and thousands more visit this Balkan gem every year. Bulgaria also has an enviable stretch of coastline along the Black Sea which attracts both holidaymakers and those looking to buy property in Bulgaria alike. More