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Twenty years ago, few Brits would have been able to find Bulgaria on a map, let alone tell you anything about the country. Today, hundreds of Brits own property there and thousands more visit this Balkan gem every year.

Bulgaria has undergone an investment revolution over the last decade, meaning that property buyers looking for a good return and a holiday home are very keen to purchase in this former Communist state.

But what makes Bulgaria so attractive to investors; after all, isn't it possible to find similarly priced property in other Balkan countries such as Romania, Croatia and Serbia? Well, Bulgaria has led the way by building a number of high quality residential complexes that are available at low prices, in areas that are very attractive to tourists.

Bulgaria has become more and more established as a tourist destination for the Brits; both in the summer, for the black sea resort coastal regions which have a Mediterranean like temperature and beaches and internationally renowned golf courses; and also as a winter destination to the mountain regions of the Pirin, Rila and Rhodopa which offer skiing from 2000-2500m and have a ski season that lasts from December to May.

Bansko, now Bulgaria's premier ski resort has been well received by British ski tourists who are looking for a great value ski trip which is vastly cheaper than going to France, Austria or Switzerland, and also a more culturally exotic destination. The fact that Bankso is now a well marketed and well known ski resort which is frequently featured in the ski press and national papers means that more and more skiers and snowboarders are heading out there. Bulgaria also has an enviable stretch of coastline along the Black Sea which attracts both holidaymakers and those looking to buy property in Bulgaria alike.

Cheap flights have also assisted Bulgaria's rise in popularity, creating a quick, easy and affordable route for Brits. Demand for real estate is also coming from the increasing number of international buyers who are working for multinationals in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia. This demand is helping to push up the design and build quality of new developments in the city.

As a well-marketed holiday destination with increasing tourist numbers for both winter and summer seasons, newly built infrastructure and cheap, quick connections to the UK, it's no wonder that Bulgaria leads the Balkans by offering one of the best property investments in Europe.


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