Berlin Company Revolutionizes Real Estate Market

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1888PressRelease- With "Digital Viewing" Always Live on Site - Even From a Distance.

The Berlin-based company Accord Estates GmbH is revolutionizing the international real estate market with the introduction of its new "digital viewing service". The new service will be particularly beneficial to overseas investors, who will be able to obtain an initial assessment of a property without having to be personally on site. Many investors have busy schedules, or may have to cancel a viewing at short notice. This technical innovation provides the perfect cost effective solution to enable the client to form a view of an asset before investing time and effort organizing a physical viewing.

The real estate market has a reputation for showing properties in a certain way, often manipulating or beautifying their digital output, be it pictorially or in video form. These digital renditions may not show the assets in a way that reflects their actual state. With the "digital viewing service", these issues will be a thing of the past. Interested clients - whether based in Berlin, Bavaria or overseas - will be able to get a real-time impression of the property, without losing the advantages and individuality of a personal appointment. The client will be able to have a look at specific aspects of a property or possible problem areas, providing them with a truly representative picture of the asset. The "digital viewing service" thereby transforms the initial assessment of a property in a highly cost and time effective manner, allowing the client to determine whether a physical follow up is then necessary.

The digital viewings will be performed as follows; at the agreed date, our real estate agent will be present at the property selected by the client. The client will then be linked to our agent with his smartphone, tablet or computer via video call and the viewing will begin. Our agent will then show every aspect of the property to the customer, and provide all necessary information. Importantly, the agent will be able to answer all questions the client has about the property, allowing the client to closely examine even the smallest details of the site. The client will be able to converse face-to-face with our agent throughout the process allowing for a full and frank discussion about the property being viewed. The service will be available on all major video conferencing services including Facetime, Skype or Facebook messenger, so by using our "digital viewing", clients will never miss the opportunity to own that potential dream property ever again.

Information on the company as well as the "digital viewing service" can be found on the website or please contact the press spokesman, Jochen Nipp, via e-mail at jn ( @ ) accordestates dot com.

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And why shouldn't we try to make the most out of the available technologies these days to reach more potential customers. I would imagine that a virtual tour of facilities or any other building could play a very big part in making services more accessible to people all over the country.