Top 10 Reasons Realtors Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

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1.    Seniors can use this product to help their kids with a down payment to purchase a new home.


2.    With the proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage senior homeowners can help children afford house payments by extinguishing their debts.


3.    Seniors can use this program to buy a home more suitable to their changing needs or even buy a vacation home.


4.    Professionalism – it’s an easy solution for a senior who doesn’t qualify to sell and downsize. At the same time, it creates trust and builds a future listing while expanding your referral base; all by helping seniors do what’s best for them.


5.    Reverse Mortgages can help homeowners afford home improvements that will increase a home’s value when you prepare to list the property.


6.    The money helps seniors maintain pride of ownership and obtain the highest value in the future.


7.    It offers a new marketing opportunity; contact current and past clients making them aware of Reverse Mortgages, how the process works for senior homeowners and what it can do for them and their family.


8.    It’s a financing tool. (Eliminates financing contingencies)


9.    The Reverse Mortgage gives more purchasing options to your senior clients – Baby Boomers will begin to qualify in 2008.


10.  In today’s market, it’s something positive to talk about!


Greg Plum is a reverse mortgage specialist with over 10 years’ mortgage experience.  Academy Mortgage has been assisting seniors with their reverse mortgage needs for 18 years.  For more information, contact Greg at or 1-877-240-7020.


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