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Basic Things To Know Before Getting Into Food Photography

By: James Moser Commercial Lending Views: 737 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

James Moser

There are more than a dozen genres that are defined for photography. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can familiarize yourself with a category of your choice or according to your interests. Food photography belongs to the genre of still life photography and is used to take still life photos of food. Food stylists have ample opportunity to make money in this area. More

Commercial Lending/Line of Credit Programs

By: Alan D. Fisher Commercial Lending Views: 3100 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Alan D. Fisher

-Assisted living facilities/Skilled care/Nursing homes-Apartment buildings/complexes(refinancing, constructions, and purchase). The bigger the better.-Multi-family developments (think town homes) that are rental properties or construction. Retirement funds (401ks, pensions, etc), do not qualify for this program. No principal amortization or loan prepayment. More