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-Assisted living facilities/Skilled care/Nursing homes
-Apartment buildings/complexes(refinancing, constructions, and purchase). The bigger the better.
-Multi-family developments (think town homes) that are rental properties or construction. Minimum loan amount is 3M.
-Self-storage facilities (must be very strong)
-Office/Medical Buildings
-Small balance commercial
-Accounts receivable loans
-Equipment loans/business expansion
-Anchored strip malls

100,000 Commercial Loans Will be "Called" or DUE in 2009

YOU can PROFIT from Local Bank “Turn-Downs”
Over 100,000 Small-Balance (under $5,000,000) Commercial Mortgages are coming Due this year at small LOCAL Banks.  The Local Bank does NOT typically want to renew these loans on the following Properties:

- Office Condos

- Day Care Centers

- Older Retail Strip Centers

- Car/Vehicle Service Shops

- Warehouse Condos

- Stand-Alone Retail Stores

- Newer Flagged Hotels/Motels

- Salons/Spas

- Manufacturing Facilities

- Franchised Restaurants

- Mixed-Use (Comm. with Res.)

- Laundromats

- Assisted Living Homes

- Self-Storage Facilities

- Funeral Parlors

- Metal Buildings

These “expiring” Loans were originally set for a Term of 3 to 7 years (even though the amortization was typically 20 to 30 years) and NOW the Local Banks are “Calling” them as Due.
Our Bank-Based Loans are for 20 or 25 Years with NO “Calls” or “Balloons”.


- 1.0% to 2.5% to YOU (Broker)

- 660 Minimum FICO Score

- 60% to 65% LTV

- 6% Floating Rate

- 7-10  Day Closings

- 6.65% (and up) Fixed Rate

- $100,000 MINIMUM Loan

- Lend in ALL 50 States

- $4,000,000 MAXIMUM Loan

Security Based Loan

Highlights and Benefits

Publicly traded equity security used as collateral

Non Taxable Event, and Non Recourse Loan

Fixed Quarterly Interest only terms locked from 3 to 10 years

Dividends on Security are used to offset interest owed

Borrower keeps all dividends and upside market appreciation of the securities

No income, appraisals, citizenship or credit criteria

Minimum loan $50,000 and NO MAXIMUM

Loans up to 80% of the pledged value and Rates typically between 3 and 5%

Non Purpose Loan but could be used to Purchase

Residential/Commercial/International Real Estate, Invest in Business, Create

Venture Capital or could supplement or replace another commercial, residential or development loan without requiring the liquidation of the borrower’s stock to contribute cash to the transaction

Important Info

The stock must be free-trading without any restrictions and the borrower cannot own more than 10% or more in the company of the issuer. Retirement funds (401ks, pensions, etc), do not qualify for this program.

Loan-to-value ratio and the interest rate are driven by the securities that are pledged.

The more liquid and actively traded securities, then the higher the loan-to-value ratio and lower the interest rate.

No principal amortization or loan prepayment. This loan is Interest Only until the end of the term at which time the loan may be renewed, refinanced, or paid in full.

At pay off, the exact number of shares or collateral initially pledged is returned to the borrower.

Default trigger set at 80% of the loan amount not 80% of the security value like typical margin-type loans. For example: security value of $1MM, loan of $750k, default trigger set at $600k (80% of the loan amount). If the security value falls below $600k, the borrower could choose to make up the difference to keep the loan or walk away from the security and keep the original loan proceeds($750k) which are now worth $600k or less.  

ULOC - Personal Unsecured Line of Credit
- You do not have to be in a business nor does it have to be used for business purposes
- No property is necessary as security against the loan.
- Revolving Line of Credit
- Amount received is based upon the STATED income of the applicant


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