Cheap thrills – how to stretch a social budget

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Tight budgets can play havoc with our social lives, but just because our finances are limited doesn’t mean our entertainment options have to be. There are loads of tricks to financial damage limitation when it comes to going out – here are a few ideas on how to maintain a social presence without blowing the bank.


Previews and launches

If you’ve got the right contacts you can pretty much go out every night of the week and eat and drink for free – in any big metropolis there’s any number of bar launches, book readings or exhibition previews, all you need to do is look engaged and as though you’re meant to be there.


Money off vouchers

Cutting out coupons from the small ads may not feel very glamorous, but the game has changed a little in recent years and coupon stashing can be a great way to make savings on anything from three course meals, yoga sessions and movies. Bin the scissors though, these days all the best offers are online via sites like Groupon or available via social networks sites such as FourSquare.


Be an early bird

Performance matinees are the best way to save money at the theatre and cinema – with prices quite often slashed by a third. Buying tickets well in advance can also mean early bird discounts – plus, a 0% balance transfer on a credit card means any buys could be juggled without interest and the whole thing paid off in instalments.


Buy last minute

Conversely, there are some opportunities to bag a last minute bargain – flexibility is key to reaping rewards with this tactic however, on dates, times and product. Being open to whatever is on offer is a great way to also broaden cultural horizons and may introduce mediums, styles and fashions that had previously been off the entertainment radar.


Loyalty freebees

Find out if favourite restaurants, clubs and bars have members or loyalty freebees – whether it’s a discount, free drink or VIP dance night, the loyalty scheme is a good way to earn some kudos from the best venues.


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