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Life settlement is a sale transaction which takes place in the life settlement or life insurance policy for cash payment more than the surrender value. Life settlement policy provides all benefits and premium at the time of policy maturation. It is sale of life settlement policy made to the third party for immediate cash benefit. Sale of life settlement policy happens when the owner feels that the life insurance policy is no more for him. The sale of life settlement policy can be made only to the third party or the life Settlement Company and get a cash payment for the policy. The amount received will varies as per the age, life expectancy and value of the policy of the policy holder.

The policy holder sells the life settlement policy to the buyer, when he wants to utilize the money at the time of death. The life insurance company agrees to purchase the life insurance policy for the face value. People sell the life settlement policy for many reasons. Depending upon the life expectancy, value and age of the policy holder, the life settlement policy will be sold in the market for the reasonable prices. The life settlement firm holds the reasonability of the life settlement policy and pays the premium abiding to the life settlement policy. The individual sells the policy, when he finds no more in using the policy and expects to die sonly. Life settlement policy varies in different policy and the distinction lies in two different policies.

As per the tax implication by the government and regulations for the life settlement policies fetches the cash payment. There are cases arises in the sale of life settlement policy, that the policy holder finds scarce financial resources for the survival and to improve his standard of living, the holder sells the policy to the life settlement firm. Most of the people sell their life settlement policy, when he feels that he won't live any more. Life settlement firm agrees to purchase the life settlement policy for the reasonable amount. There is more number of life Settlement Company available to purchase life insurance policy on the agreed rate of value from the people who offer life settlement policies.

This life settlement company helps the policy holder who faces the problem from improper health condition, senior settlements and so on. The life insurance company facilitates the policy owners to sell the life insurance policy properly. Life settlement policy is issued as per the age, life expectation and life insurance policy value and so on. There are more buyers and life insurance company available in the secondary market to buy life settlement policy from the policy holder.

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