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Which washer/dryer will qualify for an energy-efficient tax credit?

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Jan 26, 2013 by Singidunum
Category: Tax Planning

Steven Lyon
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Steven Lyon
Jun 30, 2013  
Although a federal tax credit is not available for buyers of energy-efficient washing machines/dryers, the producers of these appliance are eligible for tax credit in some cases. For example, Energy Star qualified dishwashers as well as Energy Star qualified washing machines can be eligible for the same.

While it is true that end-user may not derive direct benefit arising out of this policy, they can obtain the appliances at a reduced price by dealing directly with the manufacturer.

Faaast Cash
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Advisor: Faaast Cash, Personal Loans
Feb 21, 2013  
There are different washers and dryers in the market that can qualify for an energy efficient tax credit.
Front-loading washing machines and top-loading washing are top rated and recommended washing machines that can extract more water from each load, shortening drying time. That saves energy and money. The higher the capacity, the fewer loads you will need to do.
Tax Advisors
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Advisor: Tax Advisors, Tax Planning
Jan 28, 2013  
There are many Energy Star products on the market but many of them do not qualify for the federal tax credit. They will cut your energy bill, but they do not qualify for the energy-efficient tax credit. Unfortunately washers and dryers are not eligible for this tax credit. Refrigerators, ovens, ceiling fans, room air conditioners and light fixtures do not qualify either.

Exterior window (including skylights), exterior doors and/or water heaters DO qualify for energy-efficient tax credits.