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What is the amount of Advanced Learn Burn Technology tax credit that I can claim for purchasing 2009 Jetta 2.0L TDI?

Trajce Panov
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Feb 3, 2009 by Trajce Panov
Category: Tax Planning

Bogie Boric
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Advisor: Bogie Boric, Tax Planning
Feb 4, 2009  
Maximum amount of credit for purchasing Jetta is $1300. This credit is only available on the first 60,000 vehicles sold before December 31, 2010. After the first 50,000 vehicles are sold, the credit begins to phase out. The Advanced Lean Burn Technology vehicle must be purchased, not leased. You must retain appropriate documents showing the purchase of the vehicle and the date of the delivery.

For additional information visit IRS web site at,,id=157632,00.html