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What states do not have income and/or sales tax?

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Apr 21, 2011 by WiseSaver
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Audra Wright, EA
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Aug 8, 2011  
Sounds as if you are considering a relocation based upon tax planning concerns. Keep in mind, anytime you leave a state that has income tax to another state that does not - domicile issues come into play (ie: NY to FL - CA to TX). You could face a domicile audit, depending upon your income level. The person or agency asserting the change in domicile bears the burden of proof. You must "leave and land". View my website for some tips on how to successfully change domicile to minimize your overall tax consequence so you do not have out of pocket expense.
Peter Suhai
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Peter Suhai
Apr 26, 2011  

Alaska residents pay the lowest state taxes, 6.6% of their income. They do not pay state income or sales tax and even get tax credits from the government because of the excess revenue it collects from companies extracting oil from the state.
File Your Taxes Online
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Apr 25, 2011  
New Hampshire and Tennessee tax their residents only on income earned through interest and dividends.
Tax Advisors
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Apr 23, 2011  
Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Texas, Wyoming, and Florida do not have income state taxes.

Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon do not have sales taxes.
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Apr 22, 2011  
Oregon does not have a sales tax, and you can use a package forwarding service from that state to shop tax-free from whatever state you live in. See