The Ins and Outs of Home Insurance

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Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so naturally, you want to protect it.

But homeowners insurance can be complicated. You want to avoid paying too much for coverage you don't need, but you shouldn't leave yourself vulnerable to loss either. Here are some secrets of the home insurance business that may help you save without risking your home.

Know the value of your home. To account for inflation, your policy's rate may rise periodically. When this happens, be sure to read the numbers carefully; your rates may be higher than the actual inflated value of your home. If this is the case, you can get a truer idea of your home's value by speaking with a builder and asking what it would cost to rebuild your home. Or, you could request that your insurance agent performs a reassessment to come up with a more reasonable number.

Adjust your policy for home improvements. Such major home renovations as adding a new room or expanding a kitchen, should be properly insured. You'll want your hard work reflected - and covered - in your homeowners insurance.

Some possessions may not be covered. Your homeowner's policy may provide only limited coverage for expensive items like electronics, antiques or jewelry. If you own items like these, you may want to supplement your policy with a floater that provides additional insurance for valuables. Just be sure to get the items professionally appraised so you know what they're worth.

Some claims may be excluded as well. Many people fail to read their insurance policies until it's too late. The best insurance that you are properly covered is to be informed. Read your policy and make sure that you are covered for incidents like mold and water damage, floods and other natural disasters, even trampolines and dogs, if needed.

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