Guide to Export Chart of Accounts to New QuickBooks Company File?

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QuickBooks is a features-loaded accounting software that gives a user all the accessibility and enhanced experience in every task he performs. It is indeed the best.

Accounting software available today and used throughout by thousands of companies across the world.

If the user wants to create a new QuickBooks Company file for the same business or Third-party company with the same chart of income or expense accounts, items, customers, vendors, classes etc. Then there is no need to invest valuable hours in re-entering and recreating all the data in an inappropriate or exhausted way.

However, it is suggested to create a backup copy of data to ensure that no data is lost if an error occurs during the exporting function. Backup copy always turns out to be a savior in case of data loss.

This article will serve you with in-depth details on how can a user export chart of Accounts to New QuickBooks Company File. In case requires any further queries user can approach QuickBooks Online Technical Customer Care for better understandings.

The user has to follow the mentioned steps in its given order to ensure everything goes fluently and have minimum chances of occurring error.

          Firstly, the exporting operation user must be log into the data file as an administrator.

          A User should always switch to single-user mode so that there are no chances of

             data access by another person during the transfer process. Never proceed with
             exporting in multi-user mode.

          From the menu bar, click on the File menu.

          Then go on Utilities.

          Then select Export and the Lists to IIF Files.

          Now select the lists that you want to export, then click on ok.

          Set the location where you want to save the file.

          Give your file a name you want to, in the File Name field (Note: save the file with  

             an extension of .IIF).

          Click on Save.

          Repeat these steps for all the lists you want to import.

          Now go to the exported file, right click on it and then select Open with.

          Choose Microsoft Office Excel.

          When you find the wizard to convert the text file click on Next, Next, and Finish.

A user might be wondering what is an IIF file?

Intuit Interchange Format files are actually text formatted files that are used by QuickBooks Desktop and Online for information transfer purposes. It is a smooth way of export and imports the information from QuickBooks using IIF files. It becomes difficult to do the job with tab, CSV and Excel delimited files. IIF format of files makes the entire transfer process very quick and easy.

How to Avoid errors during Exporting?

While it is easy to export Chart of Accounts to new QuickBooks file but, some common errors may make it difficult. To avoid errors while exporting user must make sure that there are no duplicate entries for email and phone number, only one email address should be present in the email field for customers or vendors. user should ensure to change sub-accounts to parent account before exporting and then modify them again.

Reach out to QuickBooks Customer Care

If there are any critical issues while using QuickBooks, don’t panic- It is better to consult the QuickBooks software experts Team. If you have any technical, functional issues or general queries related to software crashes or freeze down contact to QuickBooks Customer support. The Pro Advisors of QuickBooks team will assist you instantly in solving the annoying issues so you can continue your work hassle-free. The Intuit professionals can be contacted via emails, phone support or live chat.


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