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No Health Insurance? Affordable Medical Coverage Is Available

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You have no health insurance. Now what? Well…of course, don’t get sick and stay out of the hospital! That might work for a short period of time but you will need a long-term solution to your problem. If you have a major health issue and are uninsurable, then your state may have an “Open Enrollment” option that would be worth investigating. This form of policy is inexpensive. More

You Don't Have To Pay An Arm And A Leg For Your Auto Insurance

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If you own a car, you're needed by law to have a car insurance policy. However, car insurance isn't regulated and because of this, you will find many auto insurance carriers that you simply buy car insurance from. You will find two main sources to search for automobile insurance: on-line and in an actual insurance agency. The web is also great because you can get a fast insurance quote. More

Ohio's Best Health Insurane Options

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The best health insurance in Ohio. What is the best? The lowest cost? The best benefits? The largest health insurer? The quickest to pay claims? Perhaps the answers (that’s right….more than one answer) are a little of everything just mentioned.   There are hundreds of Ohio medical insurance plans available to residents. The concept is simple. Now, that’s simple and easy! More

Health Savings Account (HSA) Information For 2012

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The IRS has officially determined the 2012 Health Savings Account (HSA) and High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) maximum contribution amounts. This affects existing HSA account holders and any individual or family that purchases this type of health care in 2012. If used for qualified expenses, your deposits are tax-deductible and continue to accumulate year after year. More

Who Should You Buy Your Insurance From?

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Who should you buy your insurance from? An experienced local agent? A national website? Your Uncle Bob who sells insurance part time? A large independent insurance agency? There really isn’t a right answer. But the most important factor is to find a source you can trust that will provide you the best rates. A local experienced broker is often your best option. Best Company. More