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Ayurvedic guide to achieving healthy and glowing skin

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Everyone wants healthy skin that will glow naturally without needing any make-up. Unfortunately, pollution, stress, unhealthy eating, and living habits might not enable our skin to breathe freely. Causes like these lead our skin to become unhealthy and attract several other problems. Ayurveda has come to the rescue of many such people that had the desire to get radiant skin. More

Art And Mental Health, Is There Any Connection?

By: Alex Coomb Saving Views: 1346 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Alex coomb

Art has always been a way out for almost every situation. If you are stressed, start doodling, feeling upset, start painting. It is great to see how art has always been considered to be a happy way out of every stressful situation. The more people understand art’s value, the more they understand how art plays an important role in helping people overcome their mental health issues. More

Take care of your skin in the rainy season

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The rains have intensified so there is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere. Although the rainy season and scenic surroundings fascinate everyone, these days, just like health, skin also needs special care. This is because changes in the weather affect the skin. Getting wet in the rain or walking through stagnant water on the road can causes you skin problems. More