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To my peers. Do you have concerns over the new RTRP(Registered Tax Return Preparer) testing and licensing? Do you have up to date information? Are any of you thinking of leaving taxes. What about you fincial planners that also prepare are you understanding the disclosure rules that efect everyone in the tax industry? Look for some great dialog.

Kerry Freeman EA
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Aug 31, 2011 by Kerry Freeman EA
Category: Tax Planning

Carlos Curtis
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Carlos Curtis
Sep 10, 2011  
Personally I dont have any concerns about the new testing and licensing. I think it is a good thing because it will weed out a lot of bad and illegal tax preparers who file electronic tax returns but are not doing things legally and charging large sums of money for false returns that the customer will eventually have to deal with later.
MAX Tax Refund
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MAX Tax Refund
Sep 1, 2011  

To be honest, the new RTRP testing & licensing requirements are a breath of fresh air. I say this because a little over 75% of my clients are low income. During the past 3-4 years in particular, there have been a lot of fly-by-night "Tax Preparers" ripping people off - a vast majority of my new clients included. These new requirements will definitely weed out the professionals who take integrity & pride in this business, from the hustlers who are out solely to make a quick buck. Although nothing is 100% full-proof, it's definitely a step in the right direction.


T. Tabu Thomas