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Maximizing Emotional Appeal


When you are ready to sell, you'll want to maximize the emotional appeal of your home. People who are enchanted with your home the moment they walk in are most likely to buy the home, and at a fair price.

Here are some tips to help enhance the emotional appeal of your home:

* Turn on the lights to create a warm glow and remove the shadows.
* Make sure the windows are clean and open the curtains or blinds.
* Keep the kitchen and baths clean and sparkling. Don't leave dishes in the sink.
* Remove all clutter, make the beds, and pick up toys.
* Pack away items that may detract from a buyer s ability to mentally move into your home such as family pictures or teen posters.
* Make the closets look bigger by packing up the clothes you are not using.
* Create a relaxing atmosphere with soft music.
* Make people feel at home with homey scents such as freshly baked cookies or bread or good potpourri.
* Check for pet odors and keep pets safely out of the way when your house is being shown.
* Clean out your basement and garage and neatly stack boxes you have stored there.
* Add charm and appeal with fresh flowers and plants.

Set the stage to show your home to its best advantage. Please call or email me if you have any questions or would like me to provide you with tips on how to prepare your home for sale.


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