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I always get so much money back at the end of the year, almost $4,000. I would rather have some of that in my check each week, how much should I claim on my taxes? I am a single mother, I own a condo where only my 4 year old son and I live. I make just under 30,000 a year. I am also a half-time student in college. Not sure what else you need to know to help me with this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Jan 12, 2009 by Telecom Advisor
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Jan 12, 2009  
On your W4 claim 2 allowances.
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Jan 12, 2009  
You can change your withholding to probably single and 2 (you may be at 1 or even 0) and have more money in your paycheck. If you are at single and 2, go ahead and change it to 3. That should reduce your refund to about half.