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Is Curb Appeal Driving Your Home Buyers Away?

By: Bruce Swedal Real Estate Views: 3462 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Bruce Swedal

Don’t make your homes first impression be its last. Learn how to improve its Curb Appeal! When it comes to selling your Denver area home, first impressions are a big factor. If your home is missing out on Curb Appeal, you are fighting an uphill battle with getting your Denver area home sold. Over 80% of today’s home buyers start their home search on the internet. So what do you do? More

The Things Real Estate Agents Do To Their Own Homes Before Selling

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Bruce Swedal

Real Estate Agents know how to sell their own homes and get top dollar. Selling homes is what they do. They package, market and sell homes for a living and they know what home buyers want. Here is a list of exactly what real estate agents do when preparing their own home for sale.The ExteriorReal estate agents understand how important 'Curb Appeal' is. Shouldn't it be a good one? More