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Disabled Veterans Charities Funds Over $14M to Veteran Programs

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1888 Press Release - Disabled Veterans Charities has awarded $14,054,621 to support at-risk veterans and their families in Southern California.REDLANDS, Calif. Through grants to deserving area programs, DVC helps at-risk veterans and their dependents access the services, resources and support they need to face the challenges of homelessness and improve their lives. More

Workers comp assessments 5 times higher for N.Y. state employers.

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Jim Kaz

New York state employers pay nearly five times more in workers compensation insurance premium assessments than the average in other states, according to a Workers’ Compensation Policy Institute report.Most states impose similar surcharges on employers t More

In product liability insurance, what is "Breach of Warranty"?

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Jim Kaz

One of the oldest and widely recognized theory is breach of warranty for which there are two types of claims. One is expressed, the other implied. An expressed warranty makes certain performance claims often found in a number of different sources— your sales and promotional materials, a sales contract, other published data, even in oral representations. More