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Stricter rules for adjustable-rate mortgages

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Mark Goldman

New mortgage rules the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Thursday will change how lenders decide if borrowers qualify for adjustable-rate mortgages. The "ability to repay" rule, which goes into effect in January 2014, requires lenders to consider more than just the loan's initial interest rate in determining whether someone can afford the loan. Consider a 5/1 ARM. More

Woman battles bank giants over faulty foreclosure

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Mark Goldman

DENVER (MarketWatch) — Caylin Crawford found herself out of work after a snowboarding accident and went to U.S. Bank for some help with her mortgage.   The 24-year-old homeowner said she was up-to-date on her monthly payments in January 2011 when she called to ask about loan-modification options. But the bank didn’t modify her loan. Instead, it foreclosed on her home. U.S. More

American Express Hates Their Customers

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Mark Goldman

This is an addenda to my recent rant on American Express "Leave Home Without It" article.  I just got my statement with a "Notice of Changes to Your Account".  If you have an American Express Card, you may be interested in the ways that company gets to unilaterally change their terms and increase your costs and reduce your options as their customer. More

American Express Rant - Leave Home Without It

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Mark Goldman

This Saturday I was awakened by a call from American Express.  Although they had not sent me a bill yet, they decided I had to send them money right away.  The pleasant Customer Service Representative explained that American Express had decided my charges for this month were more than they would allow, even though my account was current. More

Are First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits a Benefit?

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Mark Goldman

One concern that I had from the inception was that the tax credit could not be used at the time of sale.  This limited the "stimulus" effect. FHA did allow some kind of loan so that the credit could be borrowed (we need to start to shudder when the word “borrow” comes into the conversation.) in advance and used for closing costs. And so on. More

Where Is Our Economy Headed?

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Mark Goldman

Here is my comments to an article from The original can be found at: I do not believe the economy will change if the people running it are the same guys that put us into this tailspin. Goldman Sachs had a great quarter with bailout money. Who will take up the slack? More

Citigroup - A Bargain?

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Mark Goldman

I have been wondering why no one bought Citigroup.  In 2007, the company stock was supposed to be worth about $850B.  There are about 5.5B shares outstanding.  So, when the price went below $1.00, it might have been a great bargain for an astute entrepreneur. Would the stock move up with new management? More

The Fed's Influence on Mortgage Rates

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Mark Goldman

As a result, the usual market motivations that move mortgage interest rates do not influence mortgage pricing as they have in the past. Low inflation also helps interest rates to move down. Last week, there was a plethora of bad news about the economy.  Huge job losses.  Very low inflation.  Lots of layoffs. Mark Goldman, CMPSSan Diego, 487-1875 More

2009, A Year of Opportunity

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Mark Goldman

2009 is a Year of Opportunity"Adversity breeds opportunity." Remember what Warren Buffett says; "buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy."Contact me if I can help with your plans.Mark Goldman, CMPSSan Diego, 487-1875 More