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Commuter Spending Accounts

By: On My Own Two Feet Personal Finance Views: 3807 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

On My Own Two Feet

Recently a friend emailed me a photo from a gas station. It showed a $100 price tag for filling up the tank on his 2004, fully-paid-for SUV. The message said:  “Holy Cow – I have never seen a bill like this before.” Welcome to the new normal in transportation. So what can you do to help ease the financial pain? Last but not least—let’s talk bottom line. More

Conduct Your Own Energy Audit And Save

By: Delta Grant Personal Finance Views: 8054 | Comments: 0 | Votes: 0

Delta Grant

An energy audit is an overview of the current energy use of a building, home or business with the intention to remove any inefficiency without impacting upon comfort or productivity. This serves two functions. At this point preliminary energy conservation measures and energy conservation opportunities can be drawn up. More

What is financial foreplay?

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On My Own Two Feet

What is financial foreplay? The process of getting to know your sweetie’s most intimate feelings about money. Why is it so important? So as personal finance columnist Ron Lieber of The New York Times wisely points out, it’s important to identify your financial differences before you commit to debt do you part. The most common answers I hear are quit my job and start traveling. More

Pending lawsuits against 30 banks over overdraft fees.

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Art Of Saving

Bank customers fighting high overdraft fees got a boost on Tuesday with a win in federal court in California against Wells Fargo, but that case has limited legal impact.   A similar federal court case filed in Florida against 30 banks including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank and others could mean much more.   In the California decision, U.S. More

Guide to offshore banking in 2010

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Telecom Advisor

2010 is set to be significant year for the respective banking industries of many countries around the world.  In the UK customers look set to find the best savings deals, and banks are predicted to make moves to re-establish trust with savers more eager to switch to new accounts and new providers.  So how is the offshore savings sector likely to change? More

A Little Organization Can Save a Lot of Money

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Russell Wild

Do you find that money “slips through your fingers” or you’re constantly surprised it runs out before the month ends? That might be a signal that you earn too little, spend too much—or maybe you’re simply disorganized.   “Spending time taking care of finances is an investment just like putting away cold cash,” Wild said.   -Bill paying: Does your system work? More

TV Breaks Out of the Box

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Telecom Advisor

By Mike Musgrove Sunday, November 16, 2008   My friend Susanna has never had a cable subscription.   Sure, she has occasionally felt left out of the national conversation over the years -- mainly, when "The Sopranos" was on.   "I knew cable was just a passing fad," she joked. "It only took 25 years."   Crane recently vowed that he was done with Comcast. More

The Most Dangerous Word to Your Wallet

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On My Own Two Feet

What's the most dangerous word to your pocketbook?  Believe it or not, it might very well be the word FREE.  Sound crazy?  Well, I will explain how when it comes to your money, FREE can be a four-letter word!   For additional personal finance tips and insights, sign up for Manisha's Money Musings blog at: . Shepherd Dr. More

Money Saving Ideas For Ohio School PTA / PTO Groups

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Midwest School Shows

Many Ohio school PTA / PTO groups from Columbus to Toledo are struggling to maintain activities, projects, and enrichment assemblies and programs at their schools, while working with shrinking budgets. There are some easy ways that Ohio schools and PTA / PTO groups can save money that are often overlooked by committees. Check with your school district credit union first! More

Women are better savers, but we should all realize the importance of putting a bit away each month

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Tax Advisors

that a nation also looks to be battling its way out of recession quite successfully – and that more people may now be aware of the importance of savings. More