Venissimo Cheese

Business: Venissimo Cheese

Location: San Diego, California

Address: 754 West Washington

ZIP: 92103

Phone: 619.491.0708

Gender: Male

Venissimo was founded by Gina & Roger Freize in San Diego, California, in 2003. But it almost never opened! The owner of the retail space was not interested in leasing a little wedgie to an unknown business in an unknown industry (who wants to buy just cheese?). After spending more than four months faxing reasons to let Venissimo in, Gina overheard that the owner would be at the site on a certain day. So she snuck in with a cheese plate to let the product & presentation speak for itself. Needless to say, the owner was convinced & agreed to the deal the very next day! And roughly three years later, in September 2007, Venissimo opened its second location in Del Mar.