Thia’s Travel Services

Business: Thia’s Travel Services

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Address: 17925 Halton Park Dr, , NC 28262, USA

ZIP: 28262

Phone: 2529334260

Education: Post grad

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Gender: Male

Date Birth: 07/02/2019

Relationship Status: Single

Thia’s Travel Services offers a variety of travel arrangements including All-inclusive vacations, River cruises, Wellness and Serenity Escapes, Wine-tasting tours, and more! With the care and attention we put into this, our guests come out of their travel experience feeling like superheroes. For over a decade it has been my mission to make travel universally accessible and affordable. With all my knowledge and expertise nothing gives me more joy researching vacations as I will do for myself. My warm and welcoming smile allows you to trust my suggestions as we work through a memorable vacation path together. I take it very personal to make sure that it is more of a lifestyle than a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.