Rikki Grooms

Business: Personal Finance 4 The People

Location: Maryland

ZIP: 20745

Phone: 202-431-8008

Education: Post grad

School: George Mason University

Blog: http://personalfinance4thepeople.blogspot.com/

Gender: Female

Date Birth: 12/31/1981

I started PF4TP because I was struggling financially & began seeking out financial material on the web. As I learned more & my financial situation slowly changed others began asking me to assist them and it grew from there. I earned a BA in Sociology from Mary Baldwin College & a MA in Sociology from George Mason University, so my view on personal finance tends to be more focused on the whys and how’s in addition to the individual circumstances themselves. I believe nothing happens in a vacuum, meaning there are forces at work that cause or stifle growth and independence; the cause may be the individual themselves or some aspect of society. Changing ones financial circumstances is not simple a financial change, it is a whole mindset change.