Randy Brunson, CFP

Business: Centurion Advisory Group

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Address: 6340 Sugarloaf Parkway

ZIP: 30097

Phone: 770.817.0525

Knows About: Financial Planning

Gender: Male

The overarching client service philosophy at Centurion is based on the rigor and skill embodied by the centurions of Ancient Rome. The centurion's primary responsibilities were, under the direction of his commander, to guard and expand the borders of the Roman Empire. At Centurion Advisory Group, we believe our responsibilities are similar to that of the Roman centurion. First, we work to protect what you have - your assets and income - and to help you avoid poor financial decisions. Second, we help you find a clear understanding of the direction you want to go, and we work to expand both your income and your assets.