Advisor: Patrick A. Driscoll

Business: Allied Realty Group, Inc.

Location: Maplewood, Missouri

Address: 7190 Manchester Rd.

ZIP: 63143

Phone: 314.922.3810

Knows About: Real Estate

Education: College graduate

School: Kirkwood

Hobbies: Stock Market, Art, Gardening and Real Estate of course!

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 09/18/1969

Very Busy! I am looking for clients who are interested in real estate in the St Louis area. I am paying referrals to out of state agents that have clients that want to buy or sell real property. Contact me if you have any questions regarding the business proposition. I am experienced in many of the St Louis areas that are in demand. Please feel free to call me for any questions that you may have. PAD

Advisor: Real Estate
Sales, Leasing in the Commercial Real Estate industry. I provide clients with an approach to market conditions while helping them look for properties that have a durable competitive advantage in their current marketplace.