Business: MedLoft

Location: Newport Beach, California

Address: 1501 Superior Ave

ZIP: 92663

Phone: 1 (844) 651-4092

Education: Post grad

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 09/16/1988

Medloft is the leading player in the field of Patient Financing. We are one of the most preferred service providers for thousands of doctors, specialists & veterinarians across the American continent. We are headquartered in California, USA and operational across USA & Canada. Wherever there is a concern in patient financing, there is a good chance that we have a solution to overcome it. For patient financing, you just need to determine things like the interest you would like to charge, your late fees, your minimum amount for financing etc., after that, everything is pretty much automatic from there. If there is someone that does not pay on time, we will take care of collections for a small fee.