Advisor: Mary Ellen Wilson

Business: Expert Home Solutions Inc.

Location: San Diego, California

Address: 5945 Pacific Center Blvd. #510-E5

ZIP: 92121

Phone: 619-261-6459

Knows About: Real Estate

Education: Grad/professional school

School: Bloomsburg State University, SDSU

Hobbies: biking, movies, reading


Gender: Female

I am an entrepreneur always looking to make systems and services better. I started an online real estate auction in 2008 - which is evolving into classifieds and personal property auctions as well. We have developed turn-key systems for probate with the sale of real estate, maintenance of real estate, sale and appraisal of personal property and safe havens for the proceeds to accomplish your goals.

Advisor: Real Estate
EHS is a full service real estate company with exceptional technical & traditional services for investors, sellers, & buyers including online auction