Kristina Milano

Business: Midwest Advanced Solutions

Location: Thornton, Illinois

Address: 317 Water St

ZIP: 60476

Phone: 815-349-4225

Knows About: Credit Repair

Education: Some college

School: College of DuPage

Hobbies: Calligraphy Writing, certain crafts, and collecting angels or wolfs

Gender: Female

Date Birth: 04/08/1971

Myself, I love helping people with their financial situations, Mortgages, giving advice, accepting advice, networking with people to help others -- I have a service that your clients need and you have a service that my clients need. Lets join together to help one another and other people. I have been going through some personal financial issues myself, that when I talk to others it helps them understand that they are not the only ones out there with financial situations or relationship issues or they need a friend etc. I am here to help, I have always been a person to help out with different things. I am also a Independent Contractor, that helps out friends with their businesses. So I've done a wide variety of business trades.