Advisor: Jack Knecht

Business: J. K. Financials

Location: Los Angeles, California

Address: 2931 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite F

ZIP: 90064

Phone: (310) 927-1756

Knows About: Tax Planning

Education: College graduate

School: Eastern New Mexico and University of Washington

Hobbies: Anything outdoors, anything indoors, volunteering and helping those less fortunate than I have been

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 11/26/1960

I am active in a variety of programs and organizations such as the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in promoting the betterment of the great city that I live in. I am an avid jogger and cyclist as well as beach volleyball fan Then, sometimes I find it okay just sitting and watching the world go by. I have high demands of myself, expect to learn something from everyone and grow a little everyday, sometimes a lot. I participate in life, enjoy teaching, debating, talking to strangers, look at every situation as a challenge to learn or teach someone something. Everyone is a potential friend and I am always there for them as well. I believe that everyone has something positive to offer so I always look for the best of every situation.

Advisor: Tax Planning
I have been a licensed tax preparer through the California Tax Education Council for the past five years. I am experienced in all types of returns for individuals with W-2 income, sole proprietor, corporate - both S- and C-Corp returns - and LLP's and LLC's.